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2018 Ford GT vs Lamborghini Aventador Race in the 1/4 Mile

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It isn’t smart to take a new Ford GT to the track. That’s why our friend Brooks from DragTimes has made sure his car is properly broken in. He has been teasing us with this run for months, and unlike other owners, he puts miles on his cars. Palm Beach International Raceway is a perfect venue despite Florida’s persistent humidity.

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The crew from DragTimes decided to fully document the run, so the car was fitted with telemetry from VBOX. It will allow them to see 0-60, 0-100 MPH, and even 100-200 KPH. A friend with a Lamborghini Aventador came along, but he resisted the urge to use “Thrust Mode” in order to preserve the single-clutch transmission.

With a fully prepped track, the Ford GT’s launch control offered a conservative 60′ time of 1.78, not bad for street legal tires! The Aventador’s roll racing shows just how capable a V12 can be against a twin turbo V6, so tell us what you think of this action in the comments below and stay with us for all your DragTimes updates!