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2005 HP Underground Racing Gallardo Hits 265 MPH (Video)

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The fact that a Bugatti Veyron has over 1000 hp is mindblowing. Is it necessary to have this much horsepower? Of course not, but thats what makes it so special. Now, what if I told you that there is a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera with over 2000 hp?

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Underground Racing was given a very rare LP570-4 six-speed to modify so that it could break the Moscow 500 record (held by an AMS GTR). UR put their Stage 2R build into the Gallardo, along with many other goodies including: built engine from Pro Line Racing with 2R race heads, high-strength custom ratio billet 1-6 gear setup, custom spec billet helix final drive gears, MoTeC ECU setup, custom billet intake, and much more. With all of these modifications, the car is able to produce 2005 hp and STILL pass US OBD2 inspections.

After all of the modifications were complete, the car was sent back to the customer in Russia where he took it to the Moscow 500+. He planned on beating the track’s fastest standing mile time by completing the mile in under 22 seconds. The customer was so sure in his car that he bet $25,000 that he could get his mile time in under 22 seconds.

Check out the video below to see if he accomplishes the feat. Hint: His next bet is for $100,000 if he gets it under 21 seconds. Do you think he can do it?