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1,200 Horsepower Aventador vs E55 & CLS63 AMG

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If you have a case of the “Mondays”, we try to start each work week with the best in half-mile grad racing. DragTimes always seem to find the fastest cars in the eastern hemisphere to battle it out at their track near Moscow.

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Since I am from Jacksonville, I know what it’s like to be an underdog. So when we saw an older E55 lining up against a late-model Lamborghini Aventador, it made us wonder if the German had a chance against the raging bull. Gad Motors has an obsession with boost, so they transformed the Aventador from 740 horsepower to only 1,200.

The first opponent was a 750 horsepower E55 AMG. They have tremendous aftermarket support, but the W211 chassis is as aerodynamic as a box truck. Next up is a CLS63 AMG with a reported 700 horsepower. It doesn’t take much to get the already potent CLS to this level, so it probably didn’t have many modifications.  The times at the 330′ will surprise you, so tell us which car you would prefer, and stay with us for more great heads-up action from DragTimes.

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