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Toyota Unveils Two New FT-1 Concepts

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The much anticipated Toyota FT-1 now has a second concept car that features a new interior (seen below) and exterior finish. The car, unveiled in an Aug. 13 press release from Toyota, is finished in a graphite color with a saddle leather interior. Full images of the recently teased FT-1 Vision GT concept (seen above) were provided in the press release as well.

“From the start of the FT-1 project, we wanted the driver to have a feeling of flow while at the wheel – to be able to focus on the road and nothing else,” said Sellene Lee, the Calty creative designer behind the FT-1 concepts’ colors, in the press release. “In the color studio we help create the atmosphere of the vehicle, and our aim was to ensure everything supported the driver through efficient choices. The saddle leather maintains that same ‘in the zone’ driving intention, while bringing in a more premium feeling.”


According to the release, Sellene Lee’s inspiration for the FT-1’s interior was super-hero derived. She took the idea of using performance fabrics, such as those used in the superhero costumes of today, in the car’s interior.

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“From color and trim standpoint in the FT-1, there was a laser-like focus on staying true to function,” said Wendy Lee, studio chief designer at Calty, in the release. “This project was very special, as the FT-1 stands apart in its performance-driven, authentic purpose.”

Additionally, Toyota released images of the FT-1 Vision GT, a high-performance, track-ready version of the FT-1. These images, along with a video about this concept, can be found below.

For those who own Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3, you will be able to download and race with the graphite FT-1 concept, as well as the FT-1 Vision GT.

Graphite FT-1 Gallery

FT-1 Vision GT Gallery

(Source: Toyota)


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