Nurse Risks Life to Save Patients with his Truck During California Fire (Updated)

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Update 11/29/2018: It seems Toyota USA kept good on their word and gave Pierce a new Tundra! Images of the new Pandra 2.0 were posted on the @the_pandra Instagram account, which show off the new Tundra TRD Pro. Good on you, Toyota, for helping out this good samaritan!

Toyota USA also posted a photo of the two trucks together on their Facebook page. In the photo, Toyota USA says they’ll match donations to American Red Cross up to $500,000. All you have to do is text CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to donate $10 between 11/28/2018 and 12/9/2018.

Paradise, California, a small town in Northern part of the state, has been ravaged by the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history. The fast-moving fire, called the “Camp Fire” has taken 42 lives and destroyed over 7,00 structures. While this fire was destroying lives, there were many good samaritans that were risking their own lives to save others.

One such good samaritan is Allyn Pierce, a nurse at Paradise’s hospital, Adventist Health. During the fire, he helped start evacuating patients from the hospital. Then, he and two colleagues got in Pierce’s Toyota Tundra truck, named The Pandra, and left for safer ground. 

Unfortunately, they were met by gridlock. Pierce and his passengers were stuck in the middle of a fire that was quickly closing in. As they sat, they watched as cars around them were being engulfed by flames. Things were not looking good for them. In fact, he recorded a goodbye message for his family just in case he was met with a worst case scenario.

As The Pandra sat in the midst of the Camp Fire, a bulldozer appeared and pushed away a burning truck that was next to them. This gave them just enough room to drive away and ultimately turn around to face the fire again.

Pierce’s view from inside his truck. (via GoFundMe)

It was at this point that Pierce drove back to the hospital ito help the residents of Paradise. Pierce, along with other nurses, doctors, paramedics and police, setup a triage center in the hospital’s parking lot. They began treating residents as quickly as possible. 

Eventually, their makeshift triage had to be abandoned when the hospital caught fire. This prompted the relocation of the recovery operation. They remained there until a clear path to safety was created and they could drive everyone out in a caravan. 

Pierce, made it out alive, as did everyone else they led to safety.

The Pandra, however, has sustained serious damage which prompted Pierce to share his story on social media. He says his truck saved his life and allowed him to help others, twice. Toyota USA caught wind of Pierce’s story and have actually offered him a new Tundra. 

Source: Facebook

This is all one bittersweet story that’s just one of the many that will be told of the Camp Fire tragedy. Many lives have been lost and changed forever, but thankfully there are people out in the world willing to risk their lives to save others.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help Pierce in this time of need, as his family lost their home in the fire. You can view the campaign by clicking the button below. 

Feature Image via Facebook, Story via @jacknicas