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Toyota Looks To Bring Back Supra With New Trademark

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Last week, Toyota trademarked a name you might recognize. According to the “Supra” name was trademarked with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on Friday, June 3.

Usually, when a company trademarks a name, it means they’re going to release a corresponding product. Though it might just be speculation, could the trademarking of the Supra name mean Toyota is bringing back the model?

While nothing has been confirmed, rumors are swirling that Toyota is said to be working on a new sports car with styling consistent with the FT-1 Concept. In addition, Toyota is rumored to be working with some hybrid tech as well, and now they’ve trademarked the Supra name in Europe as well. When all this information collides, looks like Toyota could be bringing back an FT-1 Concept style Supra!

Stay tuned. We’ll reveal details as they are released.