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Is Jay Leno the 1st Non-Toyota Employee to Drive the 2020 Supra?

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You read that right! The Instagram page for Jay Leno’s Garage uploaded a very suspicious photo earlier today. We can see Mr. Leno behind a new 2020 Toyota Supra that is wearing Texas plates. So he could potentially be the first person outside of Toyota to drive their latest model.

It would make sense for Toyota to sponsor his show, as their rivals at Acura have placed the NSX in several episodes of Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It has been 2 decades since the last Supra was sold in the US, and the 5th generation model has been co-developed with BMW as their Z4. We are trying to wait patiently to get our hands on one, so stay with us for all your Supra news.


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