2015 Toyota Prius v Five Review

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Last year, Toyota sent us a Prius v in the midrange “Three” trim level. While hybrids aren’t a major demographic for us, we were impressed with the great build quality and the pure electric EV mode. Prius v Five is their fully loaded model, and they sent us one for a week of green-conscious cruising.

2015-toyota-prius-v (2)

This car looks great in black. The “Attitude Black Metallic” paint on our example had a nice amount of metal flake, which tries very hard to hide the orange peel. Typical Toyota clear coat has been applied by the gallons, but is easily corrected with some elbow grease. Five is the only Prius v to receive 17” wheels. Losing sidewall height does wonders for cornering response and grip.

2015-toyota-prius-v (1)

The only other added features on the Five are LED headlights, fog lights and a panoramic moonroof. Toyota’s LED bulbs emit a warm color that is probably in the 4500k range. While this is fine and dandy, increasing the temperature would make night driving more enjoyable.

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It would be redundant to extol the virtues of this car since we had an almost identical one last year. If you want a hybrid, they are still the state of the art. Pricing for the Five is listed at $30,395. If you need 44 mpg and a versatile cargo capability, Prius v is the one to see.