World’s Most Expensive RV

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Gone are the days of sacrificing first class accommodations for convenience. The Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo completely redefines the term road trip. The aptly titled “world’s most expensive RV” rings in at an MSRP of $3 million. It’s definitely got the specs to match that price tag. Let’s start with the top. The roof has a retractable deck giving owners a place to relax or entertain guests. Moving on to the interior you’ll find customized leather captains seats, from which the driver can control every technical aspect of the vehicle. The living room expands with a hydraulic lift to produce a full kitchen and bar area with a fireplace. The master bedroom comes equipped with an in-room shower and rainfall shower head. This 40ft RV expands to give owners a full 430 sqft of living space. But it’s not all beauty does not come without brawn. Reaching speeds up to 93mph this RV is pretty quick for it size and weight. Under the hood you’ll find a 510bhp diesel engine. With the RV owners can travel the country and enjoy five star accommodations every step of the way. Then you may consider a Rolls-Royce to tow behind.

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