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What It's Like Flying in the World's Most Expensive Plane Seat, Etihad's "The Residence"

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Flying on a plane can be plain awful most of the time. To get around the hassle and annoyances of typical air travel, you can fly private or buy yourself the most expensive plane ticket in the world. Called The Residence on the Etihad A380, this “seat” gives the passenger way more than you’d ever expect on a plane.

The Residence has a “living room” area that has two massive seats with storage, a TV, refrigerator, and an insane amount of legroom. Walk down the hallway and you can get to the bathroom, complete with a shower, and the bedroom. Essentially, The Residence is a small apartment you’re renting out for a flight. Well, not actually, because you also get free meals and service from the attendants. But how much does all of this cost? According to Business Insider, a round-trip flight from New York City to Abu Dhabi will cost $31,000 for one passenger and $41,000 for two.

Casey Neistat recently took a flight and Etihad gifted him The Residence for his flight. Check out what it’s like flighting in the most expensive and lavish airplane seat that we’ve ever seen by clicking play down below.

Featured Image via YouTube Screenshot/Casey Neistat