Ulysse Nardin’s Limited Edition Game of Thrones Watch

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To celebrate the success of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, Ulysse Nardin created a ‘The Night’s Watch’, a timepiece based on the Maxi Marine Diver Black Sea model. The primarily black watch features a 45.8 mm stainless steel case that is coated with matte black vulcanized rubber. Why black? The Night’s Watch is a military order in the show dedicated to protecting “the Wall” and each member wears primarily black. On the face of the watch, the hour and minute hands are colored red, a familiar color in the tragedy-filled series.On the rubber strap of the watch “The Night’s Watch” can be seen above a sword, as well as an excerpt from the vows recruits must say when recruiting to “The Night’s Watch”.


The watch was designed by Nelson Lucero, Vice President of sales and marketing for the famous watchmaker. Lucero is an avid ‘Game of Thrones’ fan and while watching the show he realized that the opening sequence featured many gears like that of a watch. He knew what he had to do and after a few phone calls and design efforts ‘The Night’s Watch’ was created.

Only 25 examples of this timepiece will be created, with some available at New York City’s HBO Shop and number 15 available at Old Northeast Jewelers located right down the street from the duPont REGISTRY headquarters at Tampa International Plaza Mall.


(Source: Ulysse Nardin)