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Tutima M2: Nothing Can Rattle

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Presented by Tutima USA, Inc.

Good legibility, reliable functionality, high comfort level and water resistance, a large sweep minute counter, pressure-resistant for use to 15,000 meters above sea level, and shock proofed for blows, vibrations, and acceleration up to 7 g in all directions: these are the enormous prerequisites that the procurement office and forces alike put upon the Tutima NATO chronograph in 1984.


Tutima’s re-edition, the M2, even surpasses these prerequisites. In the classic from 1984, Swiss caliber Lemania 5100 kept the time. Since this is no longer in production, they have integrated their own caliber Tutima 521 into the M2. It is protected by a pure titanium case pressure-proofed to 30atm including a strong sapphire crystal coated with anti-reflective treatment on both sides and an additional casing of mu-metal. This nickel-iron alloy binds magnetic field streams so that they do not even reach the movement. The integrated push buttons are furnished with grooved neoprene inlays.

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The hour counter has its own scale. The less often consulted display of running seconds and 24 hours modestly step out of the limelight. The time and chronograph hands, as well as the hour markers are coated with luminous Super-LumiNova. This ensures good legibility, even under adverse lighting conditions. The Pioneer model variation additionally contains a nonslip rotating bezel with 14 luminous capsules so that set time intervals are easily recognizable even in full darkness.

1307_2615_Tutima_Uhrenkatalog_210x280mm Kopie.indd

This model comes on a titanium link bracelet with folding clasp. The box that the M2 titanium bracelet model is delivered in additionally contains a Kevlar weave strap as well as a tool set for changing the strap.

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