The Stranger by Ulysse Nardin: duPont REGISTRY Watch of the Month

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Ulysse Nardin takes watch collectors by surprise, once again, and this time it’s with its new, in-house developed musical mechanical watch based on another Ulysse Nardin caliber, the UN-690 using silicium technology. The first in this series of limited edition timepieces plays the melody “Strangers in the Night” — the legendary song made in 1966. Reminding its wearer of past affections and what may lay ahead, this stunning timekeeper represents another first for Ulysse Nardin. A veteran manufacturer of groundbreaking timepieces with musical soul, such as the Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great Westminster tourbillon minute repeaters, Ulysse Nardin’s latest mechanical, self-winding musical watch goes a step further, incorporating silicium technology in the escapement and anchor of its in-house UN-690 movement. intext-stranger-1

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Uniquely, the time is set by activating the crown functions over a pusher instead of the traditional action of pulling the crown. This important advancement allows the owner to adjust the time with significant ease. Complementing the degree of engineering and other highly skilled expertise necessary to bring this watch to life is a playful side that takes one back to their childhood. The Ulysse Nardin Stranger was inspired by the classical music box; it’s as if an actual music box was whittled down and flattened to become this superb timepiece. In development for more than five years, it is a watchmaking marvel: a marriage of movement, design and music brought forth by great minds and imagination, including the influence of the vanguard Dieter Meier.

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Best known for his front man position in the electronic band Yello and for his significant contribution to the electronic music movement, Meier is a vocalist and lyricist. He is also a conceptual artist, film director, actor, author, and all out trailblazer. A friend of Ulysse Nardin since it was acquired by Rolf Schnyder in 1983, as well as minority shareholder, Meier brought his creative essence to the Ulysse Nardin Stranger, emphasizing that function, sound and aesthetic must play in perfect harmony. the-stranger-in-text The melody “Strangers in the Night” brings delight on the hour and on request. Through the integrated pusher crown, functions are set, including winding, setting the date forwards and backwards, and correcting the time. Each manipulation occurs through a simple turn of the crown forwards or backwards. The on/off pusher which enables the musical mechanism to be activated or deactivated is located at 10 o’clock. This enables the melody to be programmed to play on the hour or not at all. At the 8 o’clock position is the melody-on-call pusher, which is easily activated with only one press.

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the-stranger (3) copy
the-stranger (3)

A smart timepiece in function, it is also a smart timepiece in appearance, illustrating a modern aesthetic with 1950s influences. Large in size, hints of the Sputnik design and sleek lines are prominent features. Ulysse Nardin Stranger – When Time Becomes Music. In contrast, a repetition of circles and Roman numerals soften its form. Finishing this musical timepiece is the engraving on the back of the case which beautifully denotes that it is an authentic Ulysse Nardin musical watch. The first in a series of new musical timepieces, the limited-edition collection of 99 pieces will premiere in a rose gold execution. Operating against the stream, one person, one entity, aligned and apart, Meier and Ulysse Nardin have changed the world in their respective industries, making for a perfect union with this timepiece; it is a true representation of when time becomes music. As Meier wrote a chapter of history in electronic music, the arts, and many other areas of interest, he and Ulysse Nardin have made music together by writing a chapter in Ulysse Nardin’s book of innovations. With the Ulysse Nardin Stranger, function, sound and aesthetic converge to form a truly original timepiece.

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Technical Data

Limited edition – 99 pieces

Movement Caliber – UN-690, 64 jewels. Escapement, anchor and balance spring in silicium.

Power-reserve – Approximately 48 hours

Winding – Self-winding

Functions – Hours, minutes, seconds. Selection of functions by integral pusher crown. Melody played on the hour or on request. On/off selector for the melody function “Melody-on-call” selector.

Case – 18 carat rose gold

Diameter – 45 mm

Water-resistance – 30 m

Dial – Small seconds and date display at 6 o’clock. Roman numerals. Music box mechanism on rotating disc with 10 blades.

Crystal – Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Crown – with special pusher

Case back – with a medallion

Strap – Leather strap with a folding buckle

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