The Adriano Valente AV-LO1

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[quote align=”left” color=”#000000″]Every last detail pays homage to the supercars we know and love.[/quote]

The Adriano Valente AV-LO1 is an automotive inspired timepiece that’s just as limited as the super cars it draws inspiration from. The face has been given a design reminiscent of a speedometer, with the hours displayed at 3, 6, and 9’o’clock. The bottom right-hand corner boasts a unique feature that’s true to its automotive inspiration, a gauge resembling the fuel level indicator; displaying the convenient 48 hour power reserve. They’ve taken customization one step farther with their crown design. Its design is based on the wheel rim of the clients choosing.

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The AV-LO1 may be luxurious, but it’s certainly not fragile.  Staying true to its rugged appearance, the face is made of sapphire crystal which is not only anti-reflective but also scratch resistant. Just as it is with a supercar, its best features lie inside the casing. The movement is based on the mechanical Engine 001 movement which was specifically designed for the company. Its Karbonyte casing is available in six vibrant colors, allowing owners to closely match their coveted timepiece to their beloved supercar. Tying this watch together is the rubberized strap which features stitching to match the color of the casing. The strap can also be customized available in both leather and carbon injected rubber.

Every last detail pays homage to the supercars we know and love. The Adriano Valente AV-LO1 seamlessly blends form and function while paying great attention to its inner workings, making it perhaps the most unique and customizable automotive inspired timepiece on the market today.

Model: AV-LO1

Movement: Engine 001

Case: Karbonyte

Lens: Crystal Sapphire

Strap: Rubber/ Leather/ Carbon Injected Rubber

Price: $35,001

Where to Buy: Adriano Valente

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