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Tesla Model S App for Apple Watch

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There has been quite a bit of talk lately of the internet’s future in a world full of Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. At a World Economic Forum Jan. 22 in Davos, Switzerland, Chairman and Ex-CEO of Google Eric Schmidt discussed the “internet of things,” explaining how, very soon, the internet will seem to fall away as rooms become dynamic and every device interconnected, according to Business Insider.

Of course, this is already happening. From the development of smart home technology, to the already antiquated concept of Bluetooth for cars, we’re becoming more and more acclimated to having our devices communicate with each other.


So, of course, it only makes sense that two of the leading names in future technologies, Tesla and Apple, would be linked up. An iPhone app that enables Model S owners to control their car from their phone has already existed, and now, once the Apple Watch is available to the world, starting a car will take nothing more than a touch of the wrist.

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From changing the temperature and opening the sunroof, to checking the time left to charge, your watch can now run it all. Ukrainian-based company ELEKS has introduced their Tesla app for the Apple Watch, which allows users to access information and basic controls of their car. The video above, uploaded to YouTube Jan. 30 by ELEKSsoftware, shows off what this app is capable of.


“Developers have always had an irrepressible desire to learn something new, interesting and useful, especially if it’s connected with IT,” describes a Jan. 29 post on their website. “At ELEKS, we have the same, if not greater, craving for innovations. That is why we couldn’t let the emergence of the smart watch from Apple simply pass by.”

Though the watch is technically just a second monitor for your smartphone, rather than an autonomous mobile device, the app will provide six separate screens that allow you to control the car’s basic functions, relaying the commands from the watch to the phone and then to the car.


As the Apple Watch has yet to be made available for purchase, there are already dozens of promising applications for it, which will undoubtedly become thousands as the device is further developed.

Be sure to stay with us for more updates from the automotive world, and let us know which manufacturer should be next to have an Apple Watch app in the comments below.

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(Source: YouTube, ELEKS, Business Insider)

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