Prepare for Takeoff with the RJ Spacecraft Timepiece

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Take a look at this watch and you’ll feel like your stepping into the future, a future that brings new technological advancements and commercial space travel. This watch certainly gets you one step closer to intergalactic exploration. The aptly named Romain Jerome Spacecraft is a timepiece so advanced that it can only be compared to something straight from a Sci-Fi novel. It may have the internal workings of a watch with its 28’800 v/h and mechanical self-winding movements, but the exterior mimics the complexity and sleekness of a spacecraft. The RJ Spacecraft timepiece has a convenient 38 hour power reserve.


If you find yourself taking a break from space exploration to venture into the depths of the ocean, you’ll enjoy the 3atm water resistance of this exceptional timepiece. The watch face does not fit the standard mold, in fact, at first glance; it may not appear to be a watch face at all. When looking at the face one will see a dragging minute indication displayed on a disc with a red indicator that has been transferred on the sapphire crystal that protects this intricate time piece. This however, is only a small part of the face, the majority, including the crown, is solid, black, PVD-coated, Titanium. The hour can be read laterally off the side of the watch. It is displayed by a linear retrograde jumping hour system with the hour indicated by a red-lacquered cursor. It’s innovative design gives the case a dimension of 50 x 44,5 x 18,5 mm. The beadblasted titanium plates that are elegantly integrated into the face of this timepiece add to this perfect dimension.



Most luxury watches choose to incorporate sapphire crystal into their designs however the RJ Spacecraft has taken this crystal to another level. Only the finest anti-reflective metallised sapphire crystals were used. This contemporary timepiece is divine all the way down to its strap. It’s not the run of the mill alligator skin strap that hangs from most luxury watches. No, to fit this futuristic timepiece Romain Jerome used black polyamide mesh with a titanium buckle.


Only 99 pieces were made, making this modern watch extremely exclusive.  This timepiece is valued at $33,400 USD. Prepare to be mesmerized by this exceptional timepiece as it lives up to its name. The RJ Spacecraft will truly make one fee as if they’re of taking off into another dimension.