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MB&F + L’Epee 1839 Have Created Robot-Clocks

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MB&F and L’Epee 1839 have, through their partnership, created the most interesting form of a clock: a robot. Yes, the two brands have created robot clocks that utilize both brands’ expertise in both craftsmanship and engineering. Their first robot clock was called Sherman, but they have since given him a bigger brother named Grant. This new creation was named after the American M-3 Grant tank. Just like the tank, this Grant packs firepower in the form of a spinning disk on his left hand and grenade launcher in his right hand. He even has rubber tracks that allow him to roam around.

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Additionally, Grant can change his position from lying flat to crouching to sitting up. No matter what position he’s in, his 268-component movement is on display. Only 50 examples of Grant will be created and will be available in either nickel, black or blue. They come with a price tag of around $22,800 USD.

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