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MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome Introduced

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MB&F has just announced the new Legacy Machine Thunderdome, a timepiece that’s been in the works for four years. Maximilian Büsser, the founder of MB&F, had an idea four years ago to bring together two of the world’s most talented watchmakers. They are Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen.

Eric was tasked with making the “craziest, most cinematic three-axis tourbillon ever,” according to MB&F. The result is the new ‘TriAx,’ which is the fastest 3-xis regulator to date. Kari’s workshop was in charge of the construction of the watch. One glance at the watch is all you need to know they went above and beyond to create a stunning visual that’s unprecedented. By combining Eric’s groundbreaking triple-axis system and Kari’s otherworldly design, MB&F has hit it out of the park with the new Legacy Machine Thunderdome.

MB&F will be creating 33 examples in platinum 950 with a light-blue guilloché dial plate and 10 in tantalum that are exclusive to The Hour Glass group. The retail price is set at $280,000.

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Source: MB&F