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MB&F: duPont REGISTRY’s 2014 Watch Guide

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MoonMachine (Seen Above)

MB&F, an acronym for Maximilian Büsser & Friends, is a breed that stands apart from all others in the world of watchmaking. Each horological machine this company builds embraces historical watchmaking tradition with visionary foresight and cutting-edge techniques. Such is the case with the MoonMachine, created in conjunction with Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva, who is renowned for his meticulous moon dials. The MoonMachine, in  three limited editions of 18 pieces each, is a 3D watch with  distinctive dual moons displayed under a Korona ring. The 319-part movement consists of a DLC coated and star-pieced steel and 22k gold automatic winding rotor, ceramic ball bearings and rotating domes that display the hours and the minutes.


LM1 Xia Hang

Even the most seasoned watch collector will take a triple look at the MB&F LM1 Xia Hang watch. With its tiny alien seated nicely on the dial beneath the domed sapphire crystal, this watch is a revolutionary world’s first. Indeed, the mechanical marvel is the first truly vertical power reserve indicator. When the watch is fully wound, the alien sits erect in his spot, as the power reserve winds down, the alien slumps his head lower and lower, until the owner winds the watch, breathing new life into the figure on the dial and he once again sits tall. This Legacy Machine no. 1 Xia Hang was a lifelong dream of Max Büsser – brought to reality by his team of friends and artist Xia Hang, after whose sculptures the 1/8” tall alien is fashioned. The watch also features a floating balance wheel and offers dual time indication. Legacy Machine no. 1 Xia Hang is a limited edition of 12 pieces in red gold and 12 pieces in white gold.

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