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Infinite: duPont REGISTRY’s 2014 Watch Guide

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Italia Coccodrillo (Seen Above)

By employing top-qualified Italian technicians and artisans, Infinite Italy offers beautiful displays of timepieces that also are functional pieces of equipment to keep automatic timepieces accurately wound. This Italia Coccodrillo version deftly displays the rotors in a choice of chrome- or, as with this model, in 24-karat gold-plate. The base of this model is made of steel, upholstered with precious hand-sewn crocodile, but other exotic skins and inventive materials are offered. The clear Plexiglas safety cap is opened and closed by electronic devices that can be operated by remote control. It has its own serial number and authenticity certificate.



Infinite Italy’s watch winder systems not only keep watches perfectly synched but also beautifully on display. This very modern Catena model fits four watches on it. The globe-like structure elegantly mimes time. It is created using precious materials such as chrome-plated steel and wood for a highly stylized and innovative design. Made in Italy, the watch box features an electronic core that allows continued winding of automatic watches with bidirectional rotation. This system enables the owner to show watches in full view and constantly in motion. It is operated via 12V continuous power and sold with a power transformer.


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