Hublot Become First Official Timekeeper of the LA Lakers

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Last night, Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, handed the Executive Vice President, Jeanie Buss, a brand new Hublot Clock, symbolizing a new partnership which makes the Swiss Luxury Watch brand the Official Timekeeper of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Does this mean that Kobe will be sporting a Hublot watch as he is tearing through the opponents defense? Probably not, but you will see Hublot signs near the clocks on the arm of the hoop and most likely throughout Staples Center.

I will say this, Hublot fits in perfectly with the Lakers. Hublot is a luxurious watchmaker that is worn by rich and famous people, and the Lakers are an organization that are liked by the rich and famous, and none of them are shy about their fandom.

[Source: Hublot]