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Garmin Announces MARQ Limited-Edition Signature Set

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Weekdays consist of five days and some people like to wear a different watch for each of them. Instead of going out and making the hard decision of picking out five different watches, Garmin has announced the MARQ® Limited-edition Signature Set.

Within this set are five different MARQ watches that serve a different purpose. There’s the Driver, Aviator, Captain, Adventurer and Athlete. Not only will this set get your five different watches to wear for the workweek, it also has a watch for just about every activity.

For example, the Driver will track lap time when driving, the Aviator provides a flight path in relation to nearby airports, the Captain can mark a man overboard, the Adventurer includes a topographical map and the Athlete will find the best running and cycling routes. Of course, those are just one of the many features each of the watches provide. Check them out by clicking the button below. This set comes with a price tag of $10,000.