Fredrique Constant and Alpina Adopt Google Glass

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Google has officially changed the way we see things in our world. Since the introduction of Google Glass, companies around the world have begun to consider how they will adapt to the changes, but according to a March 6 article on PRNewswire, less than one percent of companies have actually begun experimenting with Google’s new tech. Fredrique Constant and Alpina are now part of that small amount, and will be the first of the luxury watch makers to adopt the new technology into their company strategies.

The two companies say the glasses will be used to create new marketing strategies and improved “How To” guides for their digital platforms. Sales representatives will begin to make use of the technology in order to access technical details and other information quicker and easier than before, replacing the use of iPads, iPhones and other applications already implemented.

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“Leading innovation and embracing technologies in a luxury way is what our brands are all about, so this union is quite logical. Since gaining membership to the Google Glass Explorer Program, we have been actively developing best approaches to integrate these smart glasses into new and existing brand processes,” said Ralph Simons, President of Alpina Frederique Constant Americas, in the article.

On an executive level, Frederique Constant and Alpina plan to implement Google Glass technology to enhance research and development. They will also use the video features to create virtual tours of the assembly and design processes for their watches, enhancing their media presence and creating more unique content than ever before.

Fredrique Constant and Alpina’s adoption of Google Glass will bring the companies to new levels. Google Glass will hopefully hit the shelves for consumers later this year, and remains exclusive to those chosen by Google until then. So while we wait, we’ll simply watch in awe as companies begin to make use of the technology in different ways and show us a number of possibilities.

(Source: PRNewswire)

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