Eleven James – Redefining Luxury Watch Ownership

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Selections from the Connoisse Collection (Source:
Selections from the Connoisseur Collection (Source:

Never before has it been so easy to “try before you buy” in the world of luxury wristwear. Eleven James, a new startup, is offering a membership program through which individuals can rent exclusive and coveted watches.

“Eleven James satisfies your desire for variety and experimentation, and eliminates the paralysis involved with choosing and committing to specific watches,” said Randy Brandoff, founder of Eleven James, in a biography sent by the company. “Eleven James members can use the program to discover and test drive their next purchase, to supplement and reinvigorate their existing collection, or as a substitute to building one,” he explained.

Selections from the Aficionado Collection (Source:
Selections from the Aficionado Collection (Source:

All of their watches have an original sticker price of $10,000 or more, and Eleven James’ programs allow for you to have a different watch on your wrist every two months. The watches are delivered and sent back through the mail; however, other options may be available through their exclusive, members-only events, or if you’re in New York City, through a special delivery service.

The company offers many benefits, aside from the bezels and movement, for their members, such as access to private events, collection assistance, rewards, exclusive offers and concierge services. Prices for their watch rentals start at $249 a month. Learn more by clicking the logo below.