Christophe Claret Maestoso

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Christophe Claret’s new Maestoso wristwatch, which was unveiled today at Baselworld 2014, may be a watch that simply tells time, but it does so in a groundbreaking way. Through three patents and a series of innovative systems, the Maestoso successfully utilizes a detent escapement, which is usually found in stationary time keepers.

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These escapements are seldom seen in wristwatches due to their extreme fragility; a light knock of the wrist could very easily throw them off.  However, they are also more accurate than the level escapement found in most mechanical watches.

To ensure that the Maestoso would perform flawlessly, Christophe Claret added an anti-pivot cam that absorbs shock. A flexible thrust bearing was also fitted onto the wheel and connected to the balance in order to absorb any excess energy.

Three different limited edition versions of the Christophe Claret Maestoso will be available, including an 18k rose gold/titanium version, 18k white gold/titainum version and 18k rose gold version. Each limited edition version will have 20 examples created, making for 60 total Maestoso wristwatches. The pricing for each edition is currently unknown, but this article will be update once the prices are revealed.




(Source: Christophe Claret)