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Cecil Purnell: duPont REGISTRY’s 2015 Watch Guide

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Cecil Purnell V18 Tri-Axial World Time

An all-new invention –making its debut this month – the CP-V18 World Time Tri-Axial watch precisely compensates for errors in timekeeping (due to the effects of gravity) much more precisely than a single axis, or even double-axis tourbillon. The continual motion of the tri-axial escapements on the dial is visually arresting, as well as functional. The alluring manual-wind CP-V18 movement consists of more than 300 parts and offers a three-dimensional moon as well as world time indication. The world time is displayed via a half sphere engraved with the world map centered on the North Pole. This hemisphere makes one revolution in 24 hours and allows one to know the time around the globe thanks to the terrestrial hours engraved on its perimeter. The watch also offers the ability for the wearer to lock in home time (in minutes) on the globe. The caseback displays a map of North America, complete with topography. Part of the Complications collection, it is offered in titanium or rose gold.

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$270,000 | 1.858.222.2354 | www.CecilPurnell.com


Cecil Purnell CP-V16 Twin Tourbillon GMT

A Swiss haute horlogerie brand that focuses exclusively on tourbillon, Cecil Purnell – now run by third-generation, Jonathan Purnell – regularly pulls out all the stops when it comes to intricate mechanisms. In fact, the nearly 10-year-old brand (with roots dating back nearly 100 years) creates its own in-house calibers and is a micro-manufacturer that produces its own components. The CP-V16 Twin Tourbillon GMT is a grand example of this independent brand’s knowledge and workmanship. The award-winning 383-part caliber features two tourbillon escapements with a contemporary regulating system that ensures the cages regulate one another to offer ever more precise timekeeping. The manual-wind GMT watch, with 70 hours of power reserve, offers easy reading of local and home time, and takes into account daylight savings time.

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$225,000 | 1.858.222.2354 | www.CecilPurnell.com


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