Worlds Most Expensive Car Wax

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If you own a luxury or exotic car then a good wash and wax is common sense. Mitchell and King, Scottish company renowned for producing high end car care products, now provides car enthusiasts with one more way to pamper their automobile. If the shine of your ten dollar bottle of wax just isn’t cutting it for you, then give Mitchell and Kings goldRush Rally wax a try. Before we even get to the wax itself we’ve got to talk about the case. First off, this is a $97,060 dollar bottle of wax, making it the world’s most expensive car wax.

It comes inside a 24-Carat gold plated, Swarovski Crystal encrusted case. This product screams luxury. But a nice case only gets you so far with car enthusiasts; they’re more concerned with what’s inside. If the case gave you any clues then you won’t be surprised to find out that this wax contains actual gold flakes. This decadent wax will protect your automobile for up to four months of the best shine you’ve ever seen, it even comes with a bespoke scent. You can purchase your own goldRush Rally wax right from Mitchell and Kings website at, here you’ll find a video and more details. If you’re looking for the most luxurious way to pamper your vehicle, then this wax is for you.