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The Luxury of Bentley Meets the Comfort of Your Living Room

Bentley, a world renowned producer of luxury automobiles, has announced their partnership with Club House Italia. Club House Italia is admired for their plush, regal, furnishings that can be seen in mansions, yachts, and private jets all over the world. They are admired for their remarkable attention to detail, pulling the eye into the magnificence of every last thread.  Together they will produce a line of the most luxurious furniture available for purchase.



Let’s face it, men love their cars. Bentley has given car enthusiasts the opportunity to bring a piece of luxury only compatible to that of the interior of this decadent car, into their own living room. Bentley’s timeless leather and wood combinations are ever present in this remarkable furniture. The Bentley Motors UK press release described the groundbreaking collaboration between these two luxury brands in one simple statement, “It will guarantee the creation of a haute couture home collection made for a sophisticated and exclusive lifestyle which will appeal to discerning customers who value modern luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.”


There you have it, it appeals to those customers who live exclusive lives and the educated taste to appreciate design and craftsmanship. Sounds a lot like the modern day luxury car enthusiast, which is precisely why Bentley Motor Company has chosen to weave their DNA into the making of this contemporary furniture. This remarkable line of exclusively designed furniture has only been announced, the release date is still unknown. No need to worry, in the meantime simply enjoy the prestigious luxury and comfort from the driver’s seat of your Bentley. Don’t have your own Bentley? Simply visit dUpont Registry’s website and take your pick from one of the hundreds of Bentley’s they have listed.