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Texas Instruments Reveals a Car of the Future (Video)

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The saying “yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science” has never been more accurate than it is today, with details from famous pieces of literary and cinematic fiction being lifted by technology developers left and right.

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of those companies jumping the gap from fiction to reality, taking programming capabilities far superior to those we so fondly remember from high school statistics classes and applying them to the automotive world. A video they released on YouTube Oct. 6 highlights just exactly what the company has in store, both short and long term, for automotive technology, bringing science fiction, and a glimpse of the future, and turning it into a visualized reality.

The video is almost three and a half minutes long, showing an average family taking two cars from separate locations to meet at a restaurant for dinner. The situation is familiar enough to retain a sense of timelessness, but the small details of these two drives are what make this video sensational. The cars display dozens of revolutionary tactics, some already found in high-end cars today, and many more that seem as if they could only come from the mind of Isaac Asimov or Ray Bradbury.

In this new, TI technologies-fueled situation, keys and key fobs are both a thing of the past. Cars will be unlocked with either a facial scan or the simple touch of your hand against the window, where your fingertips will be scanned and recognized by the car’s security system. Automated, customized settings for seat placement, lights, steering-wheel location, music and more are all triggered by your identity.


The dashboard is displayed twice: once in its traditional spot, and again in a holographic image against the windshield, preventing driver distraction.

Forget your coffee on the roof? Never again with TI’s next-generation sensing solutions that can warn you if an object is on the roof. Wireless devices are set to automatically charge once they’re in the car, and not only can it park itself, but it’ll drop you off at the restaurant before finding its way to the spot.

There are countless other features that TI plans to instill into the automotive world soon enough. Just watch the video to see them all. And, to get a taste of the future, experience our 2014 duPont Daily Driver, the Tesla Model S, to see some science fiction turned reality.


(Media source: YouTube)