Team O’Neil Rally School

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One can spend hours watching rally racing videos on YouTube or the WRC on television. Rally racing is such an adrenaline fueled sport that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats and the drivers on the edge of control. And yet, all of those who watch rally racing want to be in the driver’s seat, battling a mountainside road at high speeds, going sideways around corners and flying over crests.

While none of us may be racing in the professional circuit any time soon, we can still enjoy the thrill of rally racing and, possibly, learn to become a professional rally car driver. How, you may ask? Through the Team O’Neil Rally School.

Founded by Tim O’Neil, winner of five US and North American Rally Championships, and located in Dalton, New Hampshire, the Team O’Neil Rally School is a school like no other. The crew at Team O’Neil Rally School is dedicated and willing to teach guests what it takes to be a rally car driver. In fact, this is where Ken Block first drove a rally car. Don’t believe us? Watch the video above.

They offer either a 1 day rally experience, or 2-5 day rally courses. Each of these courses includes time in their Ford Fiesta school cars, while the lengthier courses include other vehicles, such as the Audi quattro, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Impreza WRX, BMW 325i and Ford Fiesta ST. These courses teach skills like linking corners, trail braking, jumping, high speed slalom, handbrake turns and much more.

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Aside from their extensive rally program, Team O’Neil Rally School also offers off-road, winter safety, rally emergency response courses and more.

To learn more about the Team O’Neil Rally School, be sure to visit or call (888)896-0750.


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