TAKAT Collection Jewelry

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Whether it’s rubies, sapphires or emeralds, gemstones have served as a hallmark of sophisticated extravagance for ages. However, one company in particular has mastered the art of creating such richly colored adornments: TAKAT.

With meticulous attention to detail and enduring commitment to excellence, it’s no surprise TAKAT has lasted as a multi-generational family business since its start in 1955.

According to their website, TAKAT was founded by Haji Nisar Ahmed Takat in Jaipur, India, originating as a small gemstone cutting and polishing business. Nearly 60 years later, the company has expanded internationally, with offices spanning from Bangkok, to Hong Kong, to New York City, all while having gained a reputation for exquisite craftsmanship in the precious stones industry.

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TAKAT pieces are handled exclusively by company craftsman, hand selecting materials acquired directly from gemstone mines and overseeing design and production. This unwavering quality standard is reflected in every collection, each a flawless merging of timeless elegance and modern style.

Equally bold and beautiful, TAKAT’s unmistakable pieces and international acclaim in the luxury market are a true testament to the family namesake, which translates directly to “strength” in their native Hindi language.

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The company has remained grounded despite their overwhelming success, maintaining the original flagship store in Jaipur, India. TAKAT jewels are sure to continue as a token of tasteful opulence for decades to come.

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