Regal in Red Cinema by First Impressions Theme Theatres

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Anyone can sit in front of a television and watch a movie in the comfort of their own house, but not many can say they have their own movie theater in their home.

First Impressions Theme Theatres, Inc. specializes in creating personal home cinemas that are incredibly unique and built to the customer’s liking.

Below is a detailed story from First Impressions of how one of their theaters came to life and what you could expect to find in one of their masterpieces.

Located in the planned but unfinished theatre room of a sprawling mansion next to a small lagoon in affluent South Miami, Florida, this beautiful theatre project was built entirely off premise and installed in one installation cycle.


After visiting our website, the client called to hire our firm to design, build and install this detailed and elegant personal cinema for his family. After that, all design details, approvals and final contract were negotiated by emails and phone calls due to the client’s heavy travel and business schedule.

The look requested was a Classical/Old World theatrical feeling rich in velvet, real antique gold leaf adornments, deep reds and dark Mahogany wood tones. We were able to capture the perfect theme and delivered an end product that exceeded the client’s expectations.

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An additional theater mandate was to have great picture and sound. That request was met with a SimUSA2 Crystal Cube Projector utilizing full HD 1080p DLP chipset and 3D technology. A 190W lamp provides up to 2,500 lumens of light output firing into a Vutec Vu Easy screen measuring 65” X 146” on a 2.35 aspect ratio. Seat-shaking audio is produced through 7 Paradigm AMS250 speakers for left, center, right sides and rears and 2 Paradigm RVC12SQ in-wall subwoofers with BX-12sq back box. The impact of this theatre during movie action scenes is a full sensory immersive experience.

Outside in a hallway is a Grand Entrance Marquee with chase lights and illuminated poster case that invites viewers the elegant ornamented personal cinema.


Entrance to the theatre is through a 350lb Noise-Loc™ door. The theater construction is an engineered sound proofed interior complete with isolated walls and ceiling and “live/dynamic” floating floor system. Ten motorized full motion CineLoungerClassic® seats covered in Movie-House Velvet™, custom-cut 3” deep Mahogany wood drink holders with antique gold leaf to match the wood finishes were used along with custom gold thread monogrammed initials on the Mr. & Mrs. seats. The video projector hush box and heat extraction fan were located outside the cinema in a laundry room with a SMPTE approved water white film port lens separating the equipment from the auditorium. The center Chandelier and matching wall sconces are Italian imports.

Custom dyed wool pattern carpeting to match the cinema interior decor finishes out the appointments along with a heavy fire-rated “Movie-House” Velvet™ theatre drape at the auditorium stage.

As conceived, this personal cinema fit the client’s needs with a single source entity.

(Source: First Impressions Theme Theatres, Inc.)


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