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Charter a Boeing Business Jet with AvJet, It’s Worth It

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Presented by Avjet

If you have recently flown commercial, you know it is not a pleasant experience – long security lines, baggage fees and an air traffic system prone to weather delays make flying the airlines anything but convenient or comfortable, especially for the business traveler. For top-earning corporate executives, it’s not just an inefficient way to travel; it is also an ineffective use of one’s time and money. Alternatively, corporate and private travel via executive business jets offer significant benefits, such as convenience, travel flexibility, time-savings and privacy that commercial airline travel cannot match!

As one of the world’s leading private jet charter operators, AvjetA Jet Aviation Company, has continued to thrive and expand its global footprint despite these difficult economic times. Having the only Boeing Business Jet available for charter within the country, Avjet provides an exclusive experience that only they can provide. More importantly, Avjet’s commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail continues to fuel its growth and adds to their reputation as a global leader in business aviation services.


Reason Why You Should Chart Avjet’s Boeing Business Jet

  1. Exclusive Boeing Business Jet Chart: In this era of international commerce, global leaders need to fly farther in comfort, be productive en route and reach business destinations relaxed and refreshed. With nearly three times the interior space of the competition at a comparable price and a range of more than approx. 6,000 nautical miles, the ‘s Boeing Business Jet meets these demands.
  2. A Platinum Safety Rating: Avjet’s charter operation has earned the highest safety certification ratings from both ARG/US and Wyvern Wingman Alliance. This certification has been achieved by only a small fraction of aircraft charter operators. In addition, Avjet has earned an IS-BAO registration and is a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). These distinctions put Avjet in a class by itself in terms of safety standards for aircraft charter.
  3. Start-to-Finish Concierge Service: Avjet does more than schedule a flight for you. Our exceptional customer service staff can handle all aspects of your private charter travel, from one-on-one pre-flight guidance, to in-flight staffing and catering, to post flight amenities – essentially becoming your personal travel service. We can take care of all your travel arrangements, from limousine pick-up to hotel accommodations – even restaurant and theater reservations.

Beside the advantages of convenience, travel flexibility, time-savings and privacy that private jet charter travel offers, the other big Avjet advantage is its customer service attitude. “We never forget the importance of the clientele we serve, and to always try to improve our customer service,” said Avjet’s VP of Charter Sales, Leslie Cheshier. “We are always striving to improve and deliver to our customers an exceptional jet charter experience.”

To charter this aircraft please contact Charter Manager at (818) 841-6190 or charter@avjet.com.

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