Personal Submersibles by Triton Submarines

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The affluent market has been expanding further than ever before with the enhancements of technology and available production. In the automotive world ,features never thought possible are now standard; in the boating world, yachts have become larger and more luxurious than ever, and now, in the submersible world, consumers can own a personal submarine.

Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Fla. has released a new line-up of submarines that will have affluent buyers lining up to get their own. The submersible luxury SUV-like vessel can hold between two and eight passengers, depending on the size purchased, and dive to depths up to 5,500 feet. You can order ten different variants of the sub, ranging anywhere between $2.2 million and $4.75 million. The submarines are small enough to be attached to a large yacht to allow for deep sea exploring anytime, with a bit of training.


“Yacht sizes have been increasing to the point where they can carry a submersible,” said Marc Deppe in an Oct. 23 interview with

He continued to say, “And technology is advancing to the point where it was practical and affordable to have one.”

The personal submersible vessels are only a few of the subs offered from Triton. The company has also completed a submarine made for scientific and commercial work that can reach depths up to 36,000 feet, meaning that the deepest parts of the ocean may be the next step for deep sea joy rides.