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Your Own Personal Stadium in Your Backyard

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If you want the ultimate sports fan experience, you could rent out a stadium and enjoy yourself on the field all day long. Or, you could work with Populous’ Kansas City based architects and build an eye-dazzling stadium in your own backyard. According to a Dec. 3 article from, having a personal stadium built only costs you $30 million, assuming you don’t want extra perks like locker rooms and other facilities.

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According to Forbes, you do need to provide the land; however, the available options range from 12-20 foot LED screens surrounding the inside of the 50 yard stadium, to PA systems, to scoreboards, locker rooms and much more. With the wraparound LED screens, you can either simulate a crowd or display live feeds of games countrywide. The stadium boasts fiber-optic lighting systems that are planted into the FieldTurf to transform the field for any sport you want to play. Whether it is football or baseball, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

This is an incredibly innovative new form of sports enjoyment for the ultimate sports fan. Not only is it unique and diverse, it also offers an exciting experience only a duPont REGISTRY reader could enjoy.

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