Worlds Most Expensive Cologne

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If you had to take a guess, what would you estimate as the value of the world’s most expensive bottle of cologne? If you said anything less than $200,000 you would be wrong. Clive Christian is a London based perfumery that has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as The World’s Most Expensive Perfume. According to Forbes, Clive Christian’s No1 Perfume in the Imperial Majesty limited edition is worth an astonishing $2,150 an ounce bringing the total cost of the bottle to $215,000. The cologne has been decanted in a Baccarat crystal bottle, but the extravagance does not end here. The bottle is complete with a five-carat white diamond surrounded by and 18-carat gold collar. In the words of Clive Christian, “I wanted to ensure that the 500ml (16oz) of No1 Perfume was housed in a vessel which truly epitomized absolute luxury.” I’d say he accomplished his goal ten times over. Only seven of these impeccable bottles of cologne were ever produced, five were sold; two remain in Clive Christian’s private collection.  Two of the pieces purchased have taken up permanent residences at Harrods London and at Bergdorf Goodman New York.  A smaller bottle of No1 Pure Perfume for Men can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for a much more feasible $2,350. It comes in a one ounce handmade crystal bottle adorned with a white diamond perched on the front. To understand this remarkable brand one must take a look into the prestigious history of Clive Christian Perfumes.

Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty 3 - Male Extravaganza

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The Crown Perfumery is one of the oldest British Perfume houses. Their unique bottle design displays the crown of Queen Victoria. This notable honor was granted as a symbol to convey that the perfumes produced by the Crown Perfumery were of the utmost quality and British excellence. This is an honor not bestowed on any other British perfumery.  In 1999 Clive Christian and his esteemed perfumery took control of the Crown Perfumery and continued to further their legacy of pure excellence.  Incorporating the traditional values of the Crown Perfumery with their modern techniques and innovative fragrances Clive Christian has created nothing short of the most famed perfume in the world. If their prestigious bottle is good enough to wear the crown of Queen Victoria, it is just sophisticated enough to be worn by the modern gentleman.