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Montblanc Creates Pen Paying Homage to Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein requires no introduction, so lets get to the pen.

German manufacturer of luxurious writing instruments Montblanc is paying homage to the German-born scientist, Albert Einstein. They are doing so by creating the Great Characters Limited Edition 2013: Albert Einstein.

The platinum body of this pen is graced with Einsteins most important formulas, including his most famous general theory of relativity: E=mc^2. The dark blue cap is inspired by the general theory of relativity, showcasing a two-dimensional representation of space-time curvature as described in general relativity through a warped grid and the ball on the end of the cap’s clip.

It also features a hand-crafted rhodium-plated 18K gold nib which features an engraving of the element named after the genius himself, einsteinium (Es).

Only 3,000 examples of this amazing pen will be created.