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Mobiado One-77: An Aston Martin Smart Phone

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It’s been said that the newest android smart phones to hit the market are the first to rival the untouchable iPhone, however, neither of these smartphone powerhouses can compete with the Mobiado One-77. This phone is an ode to the Aston Martin One-77 Supercar. It is just as sleek and overtop as the esteemed luxury vehicle it pays tribute to. Its design concept mimics the flawless body and interior of the Aston Martin. This phone takes it design from this prestigious vehicle making it perfectly suited for the modern day luxury car enthusiast.


Starting from the top, the phone is crowned with watch that is plated with either 24 carat gold or rhodium depending on the option you choose. The watch is encased in CNC machined brass and can be adjust with ease but the crown lever located on the side of the phone. The timekeeping options on this phone are unique. The watch at the top can be set to one time zone while the clock on the phone display shows local time, thus allowing the user to know what time it is in two different time zones simultaneously. This stunning device is not carrier specific; it can be unlocked by any service provider. However, if you wish to own this phone switching carriers probably wouldn’t be an issue.


Moving on to the screen, its screen is a convenient 2.2 inches with a QVGA display. The back of the phone houses a 5 megapixel camera with flash that rivals that of most iPhone and Android models. Although this phone is in a league of its own but it does house an impressive lineup with comparable features. It has its own GPS system as well as email, messaging, and web browsing capabilities. Here’s where it sets itself apart, it’s music player isn’t limited to the standard MP3, it can play AMR, MID, MP4, M4A, .WMA and AAC files.


When hopping on your private jet you don’t need to worry if your smart phone will work in your intended destination. This phone is powered by quad-band GSM and tri0band WCDMA so it can be used in up to five continents.

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As if this phone wasn’t luxurious enough, it is covered in sapphire crystal buttons and plates, bringing to total to 235 carats of sapphire crystal, and it doesn’t stop there. The phone itself comes encased in one of in two fabulous options, rhodium or 24 carat gold. On the side is an engraving that states which number the specific device is out of the 77 total that were produced. Not only is this device the ultimate luxury, it is also exclusive.  A list of distributors for Mobiado phones can be accessed through their website If there is no distributor located in your specified region simply send an email to to order this remarkable mobile device. If you’re looking for one more way to display your class in public, this phone is the ultimate symbol of prestige and luxury. The battle for the newest and most notable smart phone ends with the Mobiado One-77.

One-77 Mobile Device – Gold Version – Limited to 77: (MSRP $9,800.00 USD)

One-77 Mobile Device – Rhodium Version – Limited to 77: (MSRP $10,800.00 USD )