Man’s Epic Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection

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I’ve talked about car collections and their owners plenty of times over the years, but I can’t say I’ve ever talked about a car collection quite like this.

In the house of Bruce Pascal is a room that houses his million dollar car collection, consisting of over 3,500 cars. Yes, the entire collection can fit inside a single because these cars are pint-sized Hot Wheels. In a video interview with Barcroft TV, Pascal talks about his collection and his office that was designed after the office of the President of Mattel back in 1970.

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The most impressive car in his collection is his pink VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. What makes this one so special is its pink color, which was done to entice girls to buy Hot Wheels cars. Well, only two of these cars were made and Pascal owns one of them. That’s right, his little VW Bus is worth more than a Nissan GT-R or Porsche 911.

Check out the video below to see his collection for yourself.

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