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VORE Mint 400 – Making Dessert Racing Accessible to All

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Have you ever wanted to take a beast of a truck over massive jumps and through desert scenery?

Of course you have.

And now, instead of investing loads of money and time into an off-road career, you can visit VORE (Vegas Off-Road Experience) and in minutes, you’re out in a truck and on a desert track.

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While VORE always offers the ability to race prepped trucks on a track, their latest event, the Mint 400, gave drivers a chance to partake in a sanctioned race. What’s more, all the drivers had to do was show up and their truck is ready, as was a  hotel, transportation, helmet, race suit, food, pit crew, chase team and full staff of mechanics.

Check out the video and pics below to get a taste of VORE.




(Source: VORE)