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JetSmarter: Revolutionizing Private Jet Travel

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Nowadays, you can open an app, go through a view prompts and a car will be at your location to take you to your destination. These on-demand apps are becoming more and more popular, and they are making their way into air travel. One company that is changing the way you look at on-demand air travel via private jet is JetSmarter.


“We’re trying to bring aviation back to its roots,” says Sergey Petrossov, Found, Chairman and CEO of JetSmarter.

What separates JetSmarter’s app from others is that they don’t have their own fleet of jets. Instead, they work with over 800 carriers that provide app users with around 3,200 aircrafts located around the world. This provides users with a massive pool of jets and flights to choose from. With the app, you’ll be able to see real-time availability and location of a jet, allowing you to choose the best-suited flight and book instantly with the push of a button.

“Best compliment I’ve ever gotten is that my application is better than sliced bread,” says Petrossov.

Annual membership for JetSmarter costs $9,000, not including the $3,000 initiation fee. Being a member will get you a variety of perks that will have you flying through the skies with ease.
NY_Phone_NewAppAlong with their on-demand charter features, the JetSmarter app also has three other convenient options.

With JetShare, users will be able fly privately at the fraction of the price. Like the name suggests, you’ll be sharing the jet with other like-minded individuals. Through this option, you’ll be skipping airport lines and security checkpoints without breaking the bank.

JetDeals offers exclusive one-way and shuttle flights on private jets at discounted rates. When booking a JetDeal flight, you’re booking a seat on already scheduled private flights. These are offered to non-members at a discounted rate, but are free to members. These flights are part of JetSmarter’s exclusive empty legs.

There’s no doubt that by using JetSmarter you’ll rethink how you travel for business trips and vacations. It’s an intuitive app that is backed by a passionate team.

To learn more, visit JetSmarter.com. To download the app from Google Play or App Store, click the buttons below.

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