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The Nextant G90XT: A Customizable & Economical Private Aircraft

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When Nextant Aerospace first emerged in 2007, they were the only company to have perfected the remanufacturing process for business jets. Today, they still are.

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The 400XTi was the first aircraft available from Nextant Aerospace, offering an affordable alternative to purchasing a brand new aircraft without buying one that was used. The bodies of Beechjet 400A/XPs are modified, modernized and completely revamped, resulting in a luxurious and cost-effective private jet.

The Nextant G90XT is the next step in expanding the company’s options, a slightly smaller, but more efficient model with increased speed, range, payload and economy – arguably, as a July 15 press release from the company tells us, the best in all four of those categories for any legacy airframe.

G90XTThank you to everyone who visited our tent at NBAA Las Vegas last week! We had a such a great show with several major announcements including our new product offering the G90XT. Watch the video above for more information.

Posted by Nextant Aerospace on Monday, October 28, 2013

First introduced in 2013, as you can see in the Oct. 28, 2013 video from their Facebook page above, the G90XT is just around the corner from being available for purchase. A test flight program proved to be a success, and the model was featured at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) AirVenture airshow from July 20-26. Attendees were invited to contribute ideas for the final interior design and details.
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Similarly to the 400XTi, the G90XT models will all be completely refurbished, and feature customizable cabin configurations. The Standard arrangement features two seats in the cockpit, five seats in the body, room for refreshments and space for baggage and a lavatory. For those who desire a little more space, the Executive configuration sees only three seats behind the two in the cockpit, but each has a table. The lavatory is larger and includes a vanity sink, and baggage is stored in the back.

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If the G90XT for your plans requires a service-oriented configuration, it can be modeled after the Special Missions Air Ambulance. The cockpit only has one pilot’s chair, the right side of the cabin has five forward facing seats and the left side has enough room for a full stretcher.

This last design arrangement comes from an existing use of the 400XTi; the New Zealand Air Ambulance organization utilizes the 400XTi because of its safety, reliability and speed – three crucial factors when transporting patients in critical conditions around the South Pacific.

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When it comes to creating a craft that is luxurious, fast, reliable and affordable, no other company yet has been able to compare to Nextant Aerospace. To learn more about their company and the G90XT, be sure to visit their website by hitting the button below.

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