Spike S512-S: First Supersonic Business Jet

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Spike Aerospace, a Boston based executive jet company has spent the last two years developing a business jet that could take you from New York City to London in just three hours at supersonic speeds. This means reaching nearly any destination in the world in literally half the time. The company hopes to change the way executives fly with their soon to be released jet the Spike S-512. The S-512 will travel at cruising speeds of Mach 1.6 and looks similar to the renowned supersonic Concorde commercial jet, which was retired in 2003 never to be flown again.

Spike says that with the S-512, you can fly to London for lunch, make quick trips around the world for vacations and, most importantly, get to you clients faster and more efficiently. While the company has a ways to go before their supersonic planes hit the skies, they’re allowing for orders to be placed now. You can purchase yours for between $60- $80 million depending on the cabin features you choose; however don’t expect to have it available until 2018. You can order your S-512 here.