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Glass House Donated to Museum of Art Because

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James Goldstein, a California-based property investor, just donated his incredible mountainside home to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, according to NPR.

An avid believer in minimalism, Goldstein partnered with famed architect, John Lautner, to create a sprawling estate made predominantly of glass and open space. Positioned on a high mountain in California, the home offers incredible views of Los Angeles and the pacific ocean. The main bedroom, with walls completely made of glass, includes a second lookout bed, which is perfectly positioned for star-gazing or city-watching.

tumblr_o2pijtjGz61rq7887o2_1280 The home includes built-in bookshelves, sinks with trickling waterfalls rather than faucets, and an array of angular furniture designed exclusively for the residence. Over the years, Golstein has made his own modifications– like adding a full club and tennis courts. Goldstein is well-known among the Hollywood elite and has hosted parties and get-togethers in his incredible home for stars like Rihanna.

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