Wheels and Wardrobe: Red and Black Attack w/ Ferrari 488 GTB

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The main color combo for duPont REGISTRY is black/red/white and it’s also one of my favorites. If you’re a fan of Ferraris, you know that this scheme is very popular with their cars, but with a little splash of yellow on the badge. For this week, we wanted to put together a full ensemble that revolves around this color scheme. From the watch, shoes and shirt to the car, this is a perfect outfit for other fans of the black/red/white combo.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari’s lineup became truly turbocharged with the unveiling of the Ferrari 488 GTB coupe. Acting as a successor to the 458 Italia, the new 488 GTB pushed the automaker’s lineup into a new era of design.

Ferrari 488 GTBs for Sale


“All life on planet earth is dependent on fluids. This scientifically proven truth lies at the very heart of the H0 X Eau Rouge by HYT. In this high-tech timepiece, the color red alludes to the very essence of life, with its three primary functions of transporting, protecting and regulating.”

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Fear of God Hiking Hi-Top Sneakers

Black leather Hiking hi-top sneakers made by Fear of God. These boots have 100% rubber outer and interior composition, with 100% rubber soles. Made in Italy.

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Balmain Raw Denim Biker Jeans

Balmain’s women’s biker jeans became very famous with celebrities, but they have since transitioned the design over to menswear. These jeans were made in Italy and have a 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane composition.

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Off-White Diag Mona Lisa Long Sleeve

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, but don’t expect to wear the original in any circumstance. For those that want to wear it anyways, check out this long sleeve shirt from Off-White, the fashion label of DJ and designed Virgil Abloh.

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Givenchy Leather Bomber Jacket

You never want to hide a fine t-shirt with a jacket, but when it looks this good and it’s chilly out, you can’t go wrong. This jacket, crafted in Italy by Givenchy, combines the style of a letterman jacket with that of a biker’s jacket.

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Acne Studios Cava Shell Cap

Acne Studios’ mascot makes an appearance on the front of this all-black hat. That mascot was created by Jonny Johansson as a last-minute addition before a show and it highlights many of Acne Studios’ piece of apparel.

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