Vertu Signature Touch

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British luxury communications brand Vertu, creator of the well-known Vertu Signature and Constellation, has released their latest and greatest device yet: the Vertu Signature Touch. A June 3 press release from the company announced the latest addition.

Handmade by a single craftsman in their England-based studio, the Signature Touch is a testament to Vertu’s dedication to seamlessly blending high-end luxury and innovative technology, and is full of features not available with any other mobile device. A brochure on their website describes the new additions, and they are exciting.

From a technical standpoint, the Signature Touch is commissioned by world leaders in both audio and photographic equipment industries. Its 13 megapixel back-facing camera and 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera were created and certified by Hasselblad, the Swedish manufacturer that produced the cameras used by NASA during man’s first moon landing.


For the phone speakers, made compatible with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, Vertu turned to their partners at Bang & Olufsen, a Denmark-based company renowned for audio design and production. They also designed the optional noise-cancelling headphone attachment, made from aircraft-grade aluminum and lambskin leather. The Signature Touch also uses the latest Android operating system (4.4) with a 2.3 GHz quad-processor and 64GB of internal storage, and houses NFC and Qi wireless charging technologies.

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Physically, Vertu’s latest smartphone is a sleek piece of technology that makes a bold statement. Its forged titanium casing protects a ‘virtually scratchproof’ 4.7 inch sapphire crystal HD screen display and toughened zirconia ear pillow. The customizable phone skin is available in a variety of luxurious materials and eye-catching color options, from the deep red of the Claret Leather calfskin to the vibrant blue of Seaspray Lizard to the rich black of Jet Alligator.


As if the technological and physical features weren’t enough, the Signature Touch comes with Vertu’s world-class concierge services, immediately accessible via the hand-cut ruby Vertu key conveniently placed on the phone’s side. Signature Touch owners are provided three major concierge services: Dedicated Concierge, Vertu Life and Certainty. Whether its priority travel booking, recommendations or notifying you of the latest happenings in your areas of interest, the individual concierge provided with Dedicate Concierge can accommodate any request, any time. Vertu Life provides invites to high-profile events, such as the Cannes Film Festival, entrance to members-only clubs and VIP access to international sporting events, like Formula One races. Vertu’s Certainty program offers 24/7 technical support with remote access, global wifi, antitheft security applications and communication encryption services to assure the highest standard of protection.


In the vast and ever-expanding mobile device market, the Vertu Signature Touch reigns unparalleled in the luxury sect. With wildly luxurious features and ultra-exclusive benefits, it’s hard not to justify the phone’s $10,000-$15,000 price range, described in a June 3 article from Find out more about the Signature Touch and other Vertu devices, here.


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(Source: Vertu, Engadget)


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