TrackPoint Precision Guided Firearms: Never Miss a Shot

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For the past six-hundred years, the most powerful device used to target a rifle was between the shooter’s ears. In 2009, John McHale went on safari and aimed for a Gazelle at 350 yards. Several missed shots later, he realized many of the variables that affect the accuracy of long range marksmanship.

With a background in electronics, he postulated that a computer system might be able to correct for human errors and fire a bullet at precisely the right moment. Military forces have had computer “fire control” systems since WWII, but they are complex and expensive. Tapping some of the brightest minds in their respective industries, McHale formed an engineering team and tasked them with hitting volleyball at 450 yards. By July of 2010, they had a system capable of replicating shots within a minute of angle (MOA) at 1000 yards. One MOA at 1000 yards equals repeatedly landing shots inside a 10” area, meaning you have a very accurate device. They had created the world’s first Precision Guided Firearm.

In February 2011, McHale formed TrackingPoint, Inc.



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John’s background is in electronics, and he knew that a fire control system could be added to a rifle, but packaging would be the hard part. The team was able to combine powerful optics and a proprietary tracking system into the space of a traditional rifle scope. This system makes human error a problem of the past.

By pressing the Tag Button located on the receiver, the system locks on to the intended target. In the Heads-Up-Display, the target is painted with a red dot and the rifle’s firing solution is shown with a blue crosshair. Holding the trigger, the shooter makes his intentions known and the crosshairs go red. Once the shooter lines up the painted target with the solution, the system fires the round at precisely the right time.

TrackingPoint is here to shake up the world of competitive shooting. Next week we will take an in-depth look at the additional features of the system, and see what goes into building a Precision Guided Firearm.

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