Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

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Tonino Lamborghini has been teasing their new phone online for a few days, preparing us for the introduction of the “Most Luxurious Selfie in the World.”

A video published on YouTube Dec. 5 by Tonino Lamborghini Group begins with a question.

“What happens when an eccentric billionaire challenges a global trend?”


The answer, it would seem, is the aforementioned selfie, powered by the new 88 Tauri from Tonino Lamborghini. The Tonino Lamborghini website describes this new phone as “the perfect fusion of Italian design and the most advanced technology,” as well as “the only smartphone up to your lifestyle.” Not much more is listed, but reports are popping from news sources around the globe of what the Tauri 88’s exact specifications are.

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The Russian Tonino Lamborghini media website lists that only 1,947 of the Tauri 88 phones will be produced, as a nod to the year that Tonino Lamborghini, son of Ferruccio, was born. They are reportedly priced at $6,000, and set to go on sale by the end of this month.

Stay with us for more information as it is released.

Editor’s Note: An earlier draft of this article stated that Tonino Lamborghini was the luxury lifestyle branch of the manufacturer founded by Tonino Lamborghini’s father, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Tonino Lamborghini is a separate entity from the manufacturer, and the article has been adjusted to reflect this information.

(Source: Tonino Lamborghini,, YouTube )

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