The X Shirt: World’s First Bulletproof Undershirt

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The X-Shirt is the perfect answer for individuals looking for concealed ballistic protection in a variety of environments and circumstances. From undercover police officers to high profile individuals, the X-shirt remains unseen under uniforms, business attire and casual wear while providing protection against the most powerful handguns on the market. If you’re in an environment where safety is a concern, but discretion is necessary, the X-Shirt is the perfect answer. We believe that this is an essential “uniform” for employees who are in threatening situations. This is a critical level of protection for every money handling individual/employee, from Bank Tellers to cashiers.

Weighing less than two pounds, the X-Shirt can handle more than 20 continuous and simultaneous point blank blasts from .357 Sig and Magnum hand guns. Additionally, the X-shirt has stopped several Saboted 12-gauge shotgun blasts before the armor was compromised.

The strength of the X-Shirt is made possible through Amendment II’s technologically advanced Black Armor CNT.  CNTs, or “Carbon Nanotubes,” are the principle ingredients of the technology that gives the X-Shirt its greatest attributes. CNTs are lighter than air molecules, stronger than diamonds and, if molecularly aligned correctly, they become flexible like rubber. Amendment II’s ability to harness these attributes and characteristics are what make Black Armor CNT the most technologically advanced armor on the market. Amendment II, above all other competing entities, was the first to create a matrix blend of proprietary chemicals and processes that force CNTs to not only behave but stick together so tightly they can withstand continuous gun fire while utilizing less material. The end result is an advanced military grade armor so thin that it can be incorporated into an undershirt — The X-Shirt.

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