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Tesla Roadster 2.0 Now For Sale in 1:18 Scale Model Form

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Hey, everyone! You can now buy the Tesla Roadster 2.0, albeit in 1:18 scale model form. That being said, this is actually more than just a scale model. To create this Roadster 2.0 model, Tesla commissioned the design and the Tesla Design Team oversaw the creation of it. For the “blueprints” of the model, they actually used the same 3D CAD data that’s utilized to create the real Roadster.

This means what you see is what we’re going to get… in a larger form. There are over 180 metal and plastic parts that go into the model, creating an incredibly detailed interior. It even has a removable convertible top. If you’re looking for something to hold you over until your new Roadster comes in, this may be a great purchase at $250 – shop now.